Photo credit: Simona Palenga

Photo credit: Simona Palenga

Sybarite /ˈsɪbərʌɪt/ - noun: a person addicted to luxury and pleasures of the senses (source: Vocabulary).

I am Marissa, mum to two generation-Alpha expat children - a different kind in so many aspects! Keeping their parents (us!) on their toes ALL.THE.TIME!

This space is intended to be fun lifestyle inspiration for mums of Little Sybarites, like me, while exploring other mums' ways to build a new career or projects post-babies, to help others, to parent, to try and find the balance - that fine balance - between keeping the Little Sybarites grounded and doing what most parents can't help doing ... wanting to give the best to their kids and preparing them in the best possible way for their future ahead, and not to forget: how they maintain their identity as a woman.

We hope you enjoy reading this space as much as I am enjoying putting it together!

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