Caramel & Sun - Current Happenings!

Lots happening at the moment Chez Caramel & Sun, the gorgeous little concept store at Mercato Mall on the Jumeirah Beach Road!

Have you visited yet? Run by two super fun French mums, Olivia and Magali, and also conceptualised by them jointly with dad-to-be Paul, it is crammed with the latest and trendiest children's room decor and accessories, brought straight from Europe and Australia - all hand-picked and lots of fun. It opened last September and by now they just seem to be the talk of town!

I love their reasoning behind the name: 'Caramel because it is as sweet as childhood, Sun because we live right under it…and what’s prettier than this golden morning sun shining gently through the curtains of the children’s room?'

Click through the gallery to see some of their quirky, high end pieces like the retro Roulotte bed from Laurette, the cabinets from This is Dutch, the animal wall head pieces from Wild & Soft, the teepees and cushions from Nobodinoz, the non-toxic stackable Playon Crayons, the gorgeous cloud lights from Fromage La Rue and more night lights and light boxes from A Little Lovely Company, that I am just obsessed with, among dozens of others that Caramel & Sun feature.

Their stock is limited so if you do like something, grab it before it's gone. But if you miss out on it, it will surely be replaced with something equally gorgeous and fun.



  • Omy colouring placemats and Omy colouring wall atlas - with the indoor brunching season in full swing in Dubai and the Gulf now, colouring placemats just seem to be the perfect answer for dining out with the kids, and the atlas is an absolute must for the kids' playroom!
  • La Tête Dans le Bocal lamps - as cool as lamps get!
  • Barnabé Aime le Café musical cushions in Liberty's fabric - as the French say: 'J'adore!'


  • Get a free Eames replica table and 2 chairs, when you purchase any items from Laurette or This is Dutch for a value or AED 2,000 or more. Valid until end of May, so you have one more week to grab this offer!



You will also be able to find them until the end of the season at my beloved Marina Souq, at the Fishing Harbour in Umm Suqeim 2, and every Saturday during the summer at the Ripe market in Times Square. 


How to decorate a kids play room

We moved from our beloved Dubai Marina into a new villa in the summer and decided to have a dedicated playroom for the children to play at their own content, where they could read books, play for hours and that would give them the right environment to be creative when doing their arts and crafts. It is almost complete now, but it is one of those rooms that a lot of times parents do not really know how to tackle and just ends up being a room with lots toys in it.

After recently seeing the fabulous work that Karen Wandrag of Design K had done at a friend's house, I could not resist asking her if she would agree on writing a piece for the blog on how to decorate a children's playroom. So these were Karen's suggestions:


A designated space in your home that kids can call their own is the ultimate enjoyment for a playroom. From the toys, to the unlimited supply of interactive games and supplies, the playroom is a sanctuary for kids!

You can definitely go all out with the design, as there are so many amazing design inspirations, however if you follow a few basic steps, by including the standard items required you can really design the most beautiful play area which are functional as well as practical.

Things to consider when planning a kid’s playroom:

  1. Firstly, create designated areas in the room:

Open Floor Area: Provide an area where they can spread out toys, roll around and have fun. Place an area carpet in this area and house larger toys adjacent in a closet where there is easy access.

Reading Area: This area can consist of a small table, chairs next to bookshelves, puzzles and other ‘quiet’ time activities. Quiet areas should have an area for colouring, craft projects or other activities that requires children to sit down.

Play Area: This area can be adjacent to the open floor space area. Small push toys and noisy activities should have toy baskets close by in which kids can access on their own.

2. I believe in starting off with neutral colours and then adding some colour with accent pieces and accessories, which always provides a more elegant, yet playful design. By coordinate matching colours to area rugs and window treatments will pull the play area together beautifully. A specific theme can also be selected and designed accordingly. The walls can be painted creatively and one wall can be done in a beautiful wall paper, so many options….

3. Sufficient storage is a must, as this will prevent the area from becoming messy easily.

4. There are so many creative design ideas, which won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and combined creatively will make a huge difference on the final room design. The colour selection and the furniture layout is also an important factor to keep in mind. Space planning is important, as this enhances the flow of the room.

For instance, the beautiful black writing board shaped as a house is such a stunning piece, which adds a beautiful feature on the wall and has practical use, and not expensive to produce.

Even a normal open storage box from IKEA can be transformed into a beautiful wall feature.

This is so easy to do by only adding yellow washi tape around it shaped as a house. Wooden storage boxes can be made with graphic stickers with castor wheels, which is movable and practical. These type of pieces really adds something unique to a space.

To add something even more special to either girl or boy’s playrooms teepee tents and the latest craze, wooden frame houses, always bring a magical element to the room. This is where the kids can just escape into their own little cocoon, to read and relax. These can be accessorised as much as you want. Garlands are an inexpensive accessory that add something playful and colourful into the room.

These beautiful kitchen areas can also be used in a playroom to provide hours of pretend play.

And you want to add some totally innovative items, how about an indoor swing or a wall climbing ladder (perhaps add a large cushion below for safety).


Thank you so much Karen for sharing your clever tips!!!

Karen is not just a specialist interior designer for children's spaces but also a photographer and an artist. Do visit her website Design K for more on her fabulous work!