The Crazy Stripes Collection from GAP

All photography by Lidiya Kalichuk Photography.

My children wear a lot of GAP clothes because they are fun and age appropriate, with a pricing that is adequate considering how fast they grow out of clothes at this stage.

Then I spotted the Crazy Stripes just over a month ago during a Grazia Middle East event for bloggers at Dubai Festival City. If you follow me on Instagram, you might know what I am talking about. It was love at first sight. 

So after getting a gorgeous dress for my daughter and a trapper hat with matching neck warmer and mittens for my son (not overdoing it ... lol), I decided there and then I had to showcase this adorable collection on the blog - besides being some of the cutest and happiest kids clothes I have seen, they go with pretty much anything! So four other families and one of my favourite photographers later, here is the photoshoot that we put together at the Dubai Marina Walk during a fun morning of the school holidays with these munchkins and Lidiya Kalichuk.

The collection may have been a tad too warm for the glorious Dubai winter weather, but perfect for the cooler temperatures much closer to subzero some of us are moving to over the coming days, to spend Christmas with our oldest and wisest. And do hurry, they have been such a huge success that GAP stores (in Dubai at least) are starting to run really low on stock. Plus there is a sale on these items now! If you can't find the piece you like locally, you can also go for their online sale on HERE. It is the second year in a row that GAP designs Crazy Stripes so if the worse come to the worst, there is always next year ;)

Oh, and for those who like twinning with their kids, there are also mummy and daddy Crazy Stripes pieces.

A huge Thank You to the mummies for making it all happen despite the little people being much more interested in playing hide-and-seek with their friends, and racing each other on their scooters and bikes.

Lydia Kalichuk

Lidiya is a Dubai lifestyle photographer specialising in newborn, maternity and family sessions in a clean and simple style with an artistic touch. She offers emotive ‘Fresh 48’ and ‘Simply newborn’ sessions as well as indoor and outdoor maternity and family lifestyle shoots. Relaxed, natural and stress free, these sessions are aimed at capturing connection and emotions, and the simple everyday moments that matter. 

To view more of her fabulous work or to get in touch, visit her website, her Facebook page HERE or her Instagram page HERE.


How to get your kids to model - A tale of two brothers


Many mums I know, including myself, half-secretly believe their little muchkin(s) could be a model and perhaps, Mum and Dad could retire early. And why not? But with the ethnic mix that we have in Dubai, there is a serious cuteness overload and competition is fierce!

During the Kids Fashion Fest at the Dubai Mall this summer I spotted Cameron, aged 4, modelling with true personality, walking and posing with a real model attitude, all whilst charming the audience as he played Peekaboo with us, so obviously, he caught everyone’s eye. Cameron is not the only one in the family that moves in the modelling spheres - his little brother Taylor, who is a year younger, is a model too and actually won the GapKids Casting Call Contest 2015 where thousands of entries from around the UAE and the GCC were submitted. You might also have seen his pictures on the display windows at the Gap stores, and the Emirates Woman Mini magazine, sporting the Gap winter collection.

I spoke to their mum Carly, to try and get tips from someone with the know-how on to get your little munchkin to become a model, besides passing the genes of gorgeousness onto them.

Photo: The Studio

1. Start early on

Carly first contemplated her son Cameron modelling from a very young age, as he was very confident then already.

When out and about, she and baby Cameron would get stopped by random people, to tell her how cute he was, and asking her if they could take a photo with him, which of course, he loved! So that led her to making the decision to try and to get him into modeling at 18 months old.

Then, she would take her youngest son Taylor, a baby then, with them to the castings for Cameron, and was asked if she wanted him to model too. He was not as confident as his elder brother but when he turned two and a half, he started asking if he could have his photo taken at the castings, and so voilà, another model was born!

2. Contact a modelling agency

If you Google ‘modelling agencies in Dubai’, you will find quite a few good results. Carly had heard about Bareface numerous times and after visiting their website to see what type of work they do and which brands they work with, decided they seemed like a reputable agency and so she made forwarded them the photos of her boys, and they promptly responded asking her to pop along for a meeting and discuss in further detail.

3. Organise a professional photoshoot

Impeccable presentation and professional photos will increase the chances of your child being chosen for castings. Carly’s sons had their portfolio done with The Studio in Al Quoz who she says were excellent. ‘I wanted to keep every single photo that they took! If you register your children with Bareface, you also receive a discounted rate with The Studio so that you can put together their portfolio, which is fab!’

4. Let them be themselves

Some children may feel a little overwhelmed by the lights, the props and the camera, and some even more so when the person behind the camera is not mummy or daddy. But after a little ice-breaker, you will see how they will quickly feel comfortable.

Carly says: ‘During the photoshoot, let them be themselves. Do not interfere telling them how to behave or how to pose. The photographer wants to capture the images as they truly are, relaxed and natural.'

'Although the boys love seeing their photos in magazines, and in window displays they actually act quite shy if people come up to them and tell them that they are cute etc. However once on a catwalk or in front of a camera they turn into a different person! With them both still being so young, they still don't quite understand the concept of modelling and attention. They are both very down to earth and humble boys, and I hope as they grow they will continue with the same attitudes.'

'Cameron is very confident. He is very much a boy and his favourite pretend play is superhero! He also tries every trick to make people laugh, and so definitely enjoys being the little entertainer!'

Photos: The Studio

'Taylor is very unique! At first instance he seems very innocent and shy, however he is actually a little Tasmanian Devil! He is very boisterous, extremely independent and a cheeky little boy.'

Photos: The Studio

Whether confident or shy, cheeky or little angel, we love them both, their styles and charm. Well done Mummy! xx