New brand for stylish little people - Kids in the Middle

As the 45th UAE National Day approaches, we have all been or are still busy looking for kandouras for the boys and pretty dresses in the colours of the UAE flag for the girls, so that everyone feels part of the celebrations on the anniversary of this country that we are so honoured to be calling our home.

So we have a beautiful and oh-so-elegant kandoura ready for my son to wear to school but let’s face it: Emirati children look adorable in their traditional outfits, but chances that my son will wear his kandoura again over the next 12 months are pretty slim. 

Two mums, Claudia and Filipa, have gone one step further and wondered how they could make the investment longer lasting by getting their children to wear the clothes purchased for the much celebrated anniversary, on other occasions as well.  This resulted in the recent launch of Kids in the Middle, an achingly cool brand for small people with a free spirited mind: original and simple white tees with a positive message, to pair up with Keffiyeh bottoms as well as other cute designs.

Their first collection named The Love Collection is made up of white T-shirts with a curved hem and inspirational messages that we can all do with a bit more of at the moment like ‘Namaste’ and ‘Love Peace Harmony’, Keffiyeh bubble skirts and pants, and adorable shorts and pants in different prints like leopard, camo and black and white polka dots or stripes.

Kids in the Middle caters for children aged 6 months to 4 years.

If you like these, you can contact them through their Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE for orders -  delivery within the UAE is free of charge. And they will also be available in markets soon, so do like their Facebook page to keep up with the updates!