The Green Planet Dubai - a mini pictorial tour

Although we stayed in Dubai over the Eid Al Adha school break, we have been busy keeping the Little Sybarites busy! And the highlight has most definitely been The Green Planet Dubai.

It's the talk of town, and it's not for nothing. Done in true Dubai style, The Green Planet illustrates the biodiversity of our precious Amazon, by recreating an indoor tropical rainforest which includes the largest man-made life-sustaining tree in the world and over 3,000 species of its gorgeous flora and fauna. We saw emerald tree boas, toco toucans, Goliath tarantulas, Atlas beetles, giant green grasshoppers, tailed porcupines, huge colonies of ants, poison dart frogs, rows of chrysalis at work and the star of the show: THE sloth who apparently has a more discreet sibling that was napping somewhere else in the dome.

The most used sentence of the day was: 'I want to see more, I want to see more!'. And because images speak louder than words, here are some snaps (except Image 1) from our little visit this past week. Enjoy xx

Image 1 - credit to @mohammedalmaidoor

If you are looking for more information, or for ideas on things to do with the kids while it is still a little too balmy for the great outdoor in Dubai, click HERE.