Happy Father's Day!


So I have just managed to get my blog live just in time for Father's Day and I decided to write the obligatory post on ideas for last minute.com gifts for Dad. Here are my 5 proposals:



Has your Little Sybarites’ dad always wanted to jump off a plane and feel the thrill of skydiving? Why not take the opportunity of this special day and buy him an iFLY Dubai experience so that he can prepare mentally for the present you are going to give him for Christmas when the weather is cooler: the real thing :)

Do not forget to take your Emirates ID so that you can take advantage of the UAE Residents Rate. However, tall dads beware: there are height/weight ratio restrictions!



2. THE GEAR GIFT - New swimwear and flip-flops for the summer holiday

We love this pair of swimmers from Vilebrequin, the Water Swimwear Ocean Imprime, but you can find more models at their stores in Mall of the Emirates or Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, or Hamac stores across the UAE and Oman. www.vilebrequin.com

For flip-flops - or ‘thongs’ as my Australian husband calls them (!) – and in true Dubai fashion, a pair of these funky Havaianas: the Minions Citrus Yellow! Now that I have seen them, I really, really need to try and get a pair of minis for my son!!! www.hamacdubai.com/stores/


3. THE CLASSIC GIFT - Lomography Instant Sanremo Camera

Gorge vintage-style instant camera that produces credit card sized photos with special effects, so that he can clip on this desk calendar or diary in the office to bring him back memories of the fab time you all had the previous weekend! (or to boast in the office of the cool weekend you just had).



4. THE GEEKY GIFT - Star Wars Family Cars Decal

Why is it that the Geeky type gets away with stuff the rest of us would not? Anyhow, if your hubby is one of them this is a lot of fun and super cute: a sheet with 50 decals and 19 characters – both tall and short - to choose from: Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Yoda, Little Luke Skywalker and the list goes on… 



5. THE GIFT ON A SHOESTRING - 'Walk with me Daddy poem' by Helen Bush

This adorable poem that has been around for a while but once you have your Little Sybarite’s footprints on it with fingerpaint, Daddy’s heart WILL melt and you will have a lovely keepsake in the years to come.